The Performance Festival of Thessaloniki's 6th Biennale of Contemporary Art, once again, showcases how we can experience art in an experiential and participatory manner. In the festival, corporeality, in its purest and most extroverted expression, explores the areas where aesthetics and its various aspects –contemporary sociopolitical issues, human norms, collective and personal conflicts–, joined by the urgent need felt by artists to take part in a direct and impactful dialogue, find common ground. Joining in a dialectic and revelatory communion, the audience has the opportunity to confront a wide range of ideas and theories, to reflect upon and experiment with potential mechanisms that can trigger internal processes and radical changes, while also redefining the ways of structuring a new type of society, one released from compartmentalisations and limitations, boundaries and discriminations. Drawing on the theme of the 6th Biennale, which focuses on the concept of "home", artists explore how our established concepts and values have been violently transformed to the new reality of changing life conditions, visions and aspirations, suggesting new perceptions of familiarity and coexistence.

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