This exhibition presents works created by George Lappas, a celebrated Greek artist and one of the most renowned European sculptors, who taught at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. He was a prolific, tireless artist, who kept working until his dying breath in 2016. The exhibition's title was selected by the artist himself to designate specific units of his work.
The exhibition alludes to the Arabic word maqam, which means place, and is used in the music terminology of the Middle East as a term that specifies the modal system that describes musical phenomena.
The curators of the exhibition are Afroditi Litti, a sculptor who teaches sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts, and art critic and historian Denys Zacharopoulos. The exhibition is an important tribute to an artist who rose to the Parnassus of the arts, presenting his work in a great number of solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.
According to Litti: "Thessaloniki, a city whose unique history is still felt vividly and intensely, was a landmark in the life and work of G. Lappas. Thessaloniki's way of life, its numerous artworks, its location on the Thermaic Gulf, its history, the fusion of European and eastern influences, the city's unique multicultural character, and, finally, the colourful blend of its material, were all elements that Lappas drew from as he charted the course to achieve his own artistic goals".

Organisation: Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki

Curators: Aphroditi Liti, Denys Zacharopoulos

In the framework of the 52nd Dimitria 





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