Marian Wijnvoord
Living Room Project

Exhibition, Performance, Photography

Marian Wijnvoord's project is carried out in three stages: It starts as a solo exhibition with recent paintings of the artist. Subsequently and during the exhibition there is the possibility for the visitors to get inscribed in order to host a work of their choice during a period of one month in the privacy of their home. Meanwhile the exhibition continues in the museum, the empty spots of the chosen paintings testify of the works that are now part of the privacy of the homes. The artist will photograph the works in their new domestic environment, making this private part public at the closing of the exhibition in the form of a publication that will show all different stages of the project.
The artist puts several questions that seek answers through this project, which involves exhibition with performative elements:
- What remains of our carefully constructed criteria when a work finds a place in the privacy of the home?
- What become the new rules of looking at this exhibition?
- What is the effect of the two different environments on the painting itself?
The Living Room Project challenges our art-historical frameworks, our critically distant judgements. It foregrounds another, little-remarked way of looking at painting—living with an object. What matters most in exhibiting a work of art is context: where it hangs and what surrounds it. When the painting leaves the museum wall, it becomes detached from its usual frames of reference.




1.     Enroll in the project and wait for notification about participation 

2.     When enrolled: come Wednesday 06.12.2017, at 17:00 to the Museum 

3.     Choose a painting 

4.     Take it from the wall

5.     Carry the painting home 

6.     Place the painting in your living place

7.     Live with the painting

8.     Allow photograph to be taken of living environment with the painting in it (period 07-09.12.2017)

9.     Return the painting on 13.01.2017, at 12:00


This project is based in trust. Participation is free and anonymous, the only condition is to allow photographs to be taken both during the pick up of the work, and in the privacy of the homes of the participation.

Please make sure, before getting enrolled, that you make it to all the different dates: the pick up of the work, the making of the photograph, and the return of the painting to the museum in January.

For practical reasons, you also have to live in Thessaloniki to be able to participate.

When you are interested in participation, please fill out the participation form in the exhibition in the State Museum of Contemporary Art (Moni Lazariston)





Full ticket 3€ Students 1,5€ Groups 1€ / Admission free for certain groups / Every Thursday the admission is free of charge


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