Building nests and creating homes. Thessaloniki as a place of settlement and resettlement of the human adventure

The Association of Musicians of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra (TSSO), KETHEA Ithaki and the Special Fund for Concerts of the TSSO are organising, from September 29 until October 1, the 6th TSSO-UNDERGROUND Festival, a platform of communication and artistic expression. The Festival, which will be held at Block33, was originally launched as an initiative to introduce the city to the people of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra and its various artistic activities. Through the years, the festival has emerged as a point of reference and interaction between musicians and the audience, a forum for the exchange of ideas and artworks.
This year, the Festival is attempting to engage with the city's cultural life and raise its profile. Music remains a universal language, and retains its preeminent position in the festival. However music is complemented by other forms of artistic expression, including visual artworks and theatre productions, in an attempt to raise questions and advance propositions.
Focusing on Thessaloniki, we are attempting to investigate how the city is responding to the new wave of migrants settling here; we are also interested in the way these "aliens" react to their new place of residence, which may prove not a temporary adobe, but a permanent home. During the three-day festival we will attempt to present the discourse and artworks born here in the city, created while the migrants were hosted in refugee hospitality centres.
In pursuit of this goal, we are trying to connect with the works individuals and groups created as part of activities that took place at the centres (for example during creative workshops and educational programs). The material includes both visual pieces of art (paintings, sculptures, pottery etc) as well as photographs, comics and videos.

Dr Zoi Chatzistavrou





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