Photini Papahatzi discusses her project Home with Apostolis Artinos and their dialogue is recorded and presented under the title Tracing the Trace.

Home is a project of personal exploration. The starting point is the city of Burdur –the Byzantine Polydorion– in Turkey, where the artist’s grandmother lived before she was dislocated and forced to move to Izmir. Photini Papahatzi returns to her roots to embark on an investigation, which takes the form of a visual diary that includes photographs, videos, interviews and archival material. The work is presented as a digital collage, visualising the selective and fragmentary nature of memory. Home is an open field, constantly recharged by personal and collected memories, a meeting point between the grand events of history and minor personal moments, signifying the search for identity today, a time when the certainties of place and home are once again being challenged.





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