The group Horror Vacui presents the exhibition Εστιά-ζω (Estia-zo) at the Eptapyrgion (Yedi Kule), Thessaloniki curated by Maria Xypolopoulou and the art historian Stratis Pantazis. The opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday 29 September 2017, at 17:00 in Eptapyrgion, Ano Poli. The exhibition will run until 26 November 2017.

The exhibition is part of the Parallel Program of the 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art “Imagined Homes” (30.09.2017-14.01.2018). The Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art is co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).   

As the curators note the title of show revolves around three Greek words: 1) the word εστιάζω (estiázo) meaning in Greek to set a centre, a main target of interest or action, to focus/concentrate, to locate, and to gather; 2) the word εστία (estía), meaning hearth/fireplace, which was located in the main room of the house, and for this reason is associated with family cohesion, the household and the spirit of the family structure; and 3) the word ζω (zo), which is associated with life and existence.

The exhibition deals with different approaches of the meaning of εστία (house) in an effort to discover its meaning and what it does represent for the life of each person. Through different media and as a starting point, on the one hand, the previous function of Eptapyrgion as a prison and the current sociopolitical events and, on the other, personal experience, the artists deal with issues such as the return to a place of memory, to the archetype and the imaginary, the transition, the temporary residence, habitation, search and formation of a new place/house.

Opening: 29 September 2017                                                  

Duration: 30 September-3 November 2017     

New closing date: 26 November 2018                                                            

 Opening Hours: Friday-Sunday 11:00-15:00

Participants: Horror Vacui group (Annita Argyroiliopoulou, Charalambos Dermatis, Antigoni Kavvatha, Andreas Lyberatos, Efsevia Mihailidou, Barbara Spirouli, Martha Tsiara, Andreas Vousouras)                                      

Curated by: Maria Xypolopoulou & Stratis Pantazis, Art Historian  





Eptapyrgio, Ano Poli

Τ: (+30) 2313 310400

Fri-Sun 11:00-15:00,
Mon-Thu closed

Admission free


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