Live in Biennale Closing Ceremony
Saturday, January 13, 2018
Unique fun and energy by Jan Van!!

A unique sonic blend of clarinet, Farfisa organ and traditional percussion with a funked up, solid rhythm section that filters and overloads grooves from afro beat to funk and Greek traditional dances.

Following the self titled "Γιαν Βαν" independent release of cassette and vinyl in fall 2015, the project band by Jan Van de Engel released a new digital album with new songs, covers, remixes and a sample of their collaboration with Fivos Delivorias.

Their authentic material consists of songs with Efthymis' Filippou lyrics. The Greek screenwriter, known for his collaborations with Yorgos Lanthimos. Winner of the Golden Ossela Award for Best Screenplay at the 68th Academy awards and Academy Award for the Best Original Screenplay nomination for this work on the Lobster.

Irini Arabatzi: VOX | Paraskevas Kitsos:bass | Alexis Ioannou: lead vocal, guitar
| Yannis Poupoulis: guitar
Jan Van de Engel: drums | Kostis Christodoulou: keys
Georgos Skipitaris: clarinet | Kostas Meretakis: percussion, vocal

Jan Van de Engel is pseudonym for Greek drummer Giannis Angelopoulos. Having studied in Holland, the name (Jan Van...) is a playful translation from Greek to Dutch of his name.





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