Artists, curators, executives, institutional representatives, professionals and the audience will take part in a public discussion that will attempt to evaluate the ten-year history of the Thessaloniki Biennale and help shape its future by tabling suggestions and ideas.

Ten years after it was first launched, what has been the impact of the Thessaloniki Biennale on the city's cultural map and the international art scene? To what extent has the Biennale contributed in energising the arts? How has the Biennale evolved and conversed with social reality?

Speakers will attempt to address these questions in three roundtable sessions with the following themes: 1/Curatorial Organisation and Models 2/Development - Synergies, 3/ Education-Inclusion. The roundtables will include Q&A sessions with the audience.

1/ Curatorial Organisation and Models
Coordinator: Maria Tsantsanoglou, SMCA director
Sophia Kaitatzi-Whitlock, SMCA vice president of the board
Areti Leopoulou, Curator, CACT-SMCA
Thodoris Markoglou, Curator, SMCA
Syrago Tsiara, Director of the 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art
Elli Chryssidou, Deputy Mayor for Culture and the Arts, Municipality of Thessaloniki

2/ Development-Synergies
Coordinator: Andreas Takis, SMCA president of the board
Thanasis Gogadis, Chief editor, 95,8 fm / ERT3
Chryssa Zarkali, Head of Public Relations and Communication, SMCA
Alexandros Thanos, Deputy Regional Governor for Tourism and Culture, Region of Central Macedonia
Triantafillos Kourouklas, Head of Department of Culture, Municipality of Pavlos Melas
Spiros Pengas, Deputy Mayor for Tourism and International Relations, Municipality of Thessaloniki
Chrissa Saravelou, marketing manager, Thessaloniki Hoteliers Association

3/ Education - Inclusion
Coordinators: Evi Papavergou and Katerina Paraskeca, SMCA Museum Educators
Babis Alexiadis, Animator
Paraskevi Gaitatzi, Educator
Niki Nikonanou, Assistant Professor of Museum Education, University of Thessaly.
Villy Polyzouli, MMCA Museum Educator
Ioanna Serafeimidou, Family travel and leisure advocate

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25th Martiou St. & Paralia

T: (+30) 2310 895800, 2310 589141 & 143

Admission free


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